We Are Like This Only…Enoch Erra


We are like this only…


As I lay down on the ground

Cold and bare, brutally ravished,

My friend’s impassioned pleas unheard,

Unheeded, unattended, ignored… precious moments lost

By fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters…passersby,

Perhaps, I would have done the same.

We are like this only…


The government is us, the police are us.

While I lay bleeding, my innards trailing,

They haggled for jurisdiction.

Lack of compassion? Or to save their skins?

Netas, babus, officers, teachers, students…citizens,

Perhaps, I would have done the same.

We all are like this only…


You say I have been careless and irresponsible

With a male friend roaming the streets;

Don’t we have right to do what we like?

Isn’t this what freedom all about?

Cutting corners, taking risks…on the roads,

Or with our health…who cares what laws we break,

Whose toes we crush…whose life is lost?


We darken the halls of highest learning,

And can man portals of global trade,

We boast of super-specialists and super-scientists.

Quasars, lasers, chips…super-computers are our toys.

We strut in our sleek cars and flaunt flashy gadgets;

Litter our roads, jump queues…traffic signals,

And demand servitude from our women!


We have technology without training!

We want degrees without learning!

We have wealth without wisdom!

We want pleasure without prudence!

And have religion without righteousness!

We live for today…who cares for tomorrow!

Brash…fearless, we have forgotten that we reap what we sow!


Women are needed as spouses but not as daughters,

As mothers we consent to demand and give dowries.

Is it any wonder, we are treated as commodities?

Ravaged and robbed of life… in death, I am not spared.

They wish to revive me on the tube!

To educate the masses? Or for prurient pleasure?

Artistic freedom or TRP ratings…who cares?


As I depart never to be seen or heard;

Bapus, babas, bhayyas, behens…bharatvasiyon!

Rights without responsibilities make no sense,

Nor does freedom with no restraint;

We squawk, we gawk, we berate and we debate,

But to be told what is right…we do not like.

We ARE, like this only…!

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